Brand Design

Brand Design, also known as Corporate Identity or Corporate Design, helps you and your brand to establish a consistent identity. This enables potential customers to not only recognize you more easily but also to remember your brand more readily when the need for your offerings arises.

To increase your chances of attracting more buyers for your service or product, branding is exactly what you need.

For a compelling CI (Corporate Identity), you can have the following created by me:

Typography and Color Scheme

If you're still at the very beginning of your brand design, it makes sense to start with a typography and color scheme. What colors do you want to feature in your brand? How should your texts appear? Elegant, italic, modern, vintage? Or perhaps even in a Western style?

Sag mir, was du dir vorstellst und ich setze es optisch um! :)

Logo Design

After working on your typography and color scheme, it makes sense to create a logo. The styles are limitless! Minimalistic, abstract, modern, futuristic? There's a wide range to explore!

Social Media Design

You're probably already thinking about which social media channels to use for marketing your project. But hold on! Have you created templates yet? How do you want your social media posts to look? Let's dive into this together and create custom templates that make you stand out from the crowd.

Print Materials

If you already have a logo and color scheme, we can start designing flyers, business cards, posters, and whatever else you may need right away.

Project Examples

Have an overview of some projects I have already worked on:

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